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Secures My Eternity ()

Pastor Elio Marrocco, December 23, 2018
Part of the This Is Jesus series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

We started this series with a simple question: Who do you say that Jesus is?

This is the same question Jesus asked His disciples, and it is the most important question you’ll ever be asked (Matt 16:15). If someone came up to you and asked what you believed about Jesus, what would you say?

No matter what you say about Jesus, He is still the most important, and most influential Person who’s ever lived. He turned the world upside down, more than any king or ruler. What we believe about Jesus may not necessarily determine the quality of our life now but it will absolutely determine our eternal destination.

The New Testament says Jesus is our Saviour (2 Tim 1:9-10). The name “Jesus” means ‘Saviour’ or ‘Salvation’. “Jesus” comes from the Hebrew word ‘Yeshua’, which means to rescue or deliver.

In the first century, the Jewish people were waiting for a Messiah to come. They were looking for a political leader to free them from the oppressive Roman Empire, but it didn’t happen as they expected. That was not why Jesus came. Jesus came to save all people from their sin.

Sin is when we say, “God, we’re going to go our own way”, and there is a consequence for that. We become lost, broken, and spiritually empty. Sin is what separates us from God. We are not perfect, so there’s nothing we can do to fix that separation. We need someone to bridge the gap.

That is why Jesus came.

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