From Pastor’s Thoughts: From Commitment to Lifestyle Part 2

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From Commitment to Lifestyle

Part 2

Date: January 9th, 2019
Read: Colossians 4:2

Last week, we talked about overcoming setbacks. If relapse is a reality for all of us, how can we maintain our momentum? We do this by moving from commitments, into living a lifestyle. Let’s look at two other habits that will help sustain our health and progress.

(3) Talk to God throughout your day.
This is a habit of prayer. At least once a day, find a quiet, secluded place, and be yourself before God. Be honest with Him. Tell Him what’s on your heart. He wants to hear from you. We can talk with God using everyday words, because He is a part of our everyday. Your focus will shift from you, onto God, and you’ll begin to sense His grace.

(4) Stay Connected to a Small Group. God made you for relationships. The New Testament church knew no such thing as an unconnected Christian. In the first century, Christians knew life and community by being a part of small groups of people. We need that same culture today. It has been my experience that people are never more alive than when they are well-connected relationally. Even when you’re a part of the crowd, you can still feel alone. That is why you need stronger connections. The Bible says, “Encourage one another daily… so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness” (Heb 3:13). When you and I come together and live in community, it restrains sin in our life.

What will you do to find ways to talk more with God, and build better connections with those around you?


One Response to "From Pastor’s Thoughts: From Commitment to Lifestyle Part 2"

  1. Fernandes Posted on January 12, 2019 at 12:38 pm

    Hello pastor
    Meditation on the word is very importante thru the day that draws his spirit to us and bring us peace .
    Listening to online bible studies wile u drive listen Christian’s musics all this helps being on his precense .
    World here and there will attempt to disconnect us from it from many aways .
    But the most importante is while we not alone is to find who’s in need !
    Warm coffe / spare some coins / give some blankets /comfort words /hugs /and even most importantly love to our neighbors.
    Love is the only way that impact the hearts
    Love is the way to fulfil our purpose .
    When we love others we showing love for Christ our God .
    I believe by doing this things we are communicating with God .
    just a thought !
    God belss us all

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