From Pastor’s Thoughts: Fulfill Your God-Ordained Destiny – Part 3

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Fulfill Your God-Ordained Destiny – Part 3

Date: 19th September, 2018
Read: Exodus 3:1-12

Moses is another Biblical example of overcoming insecurities to fulfilling his God-ordained destiny. Moses moved from Pharaoh’s palace to the desert. For forty years, Moses lived in a palace but after killing an Egyptian he ran away to hide in the desert, where he eventually became a shepherd. But the Lord visited Moses telling him he was going deliver the people of Israel from Egypt. What was Moses’ response? “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” (v11). Moses was saying, ‘Lord I’m a nobody, I can’t do it; I’ve been a simple shepherd all these years; who am I to take such an important job?’ When we feel inadequate, we get creative about why something won’t work. The Lord is saying to you today; ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be with you’ (v12).

When we feel inadequate, we create reasons why we can’t change. Moses answered the Lord, ‘I’m not eloquent’ (4:10). We say, ‘Lord, I don’t have enough education; Lord, I’ve don’t have the skills; I’m too young.’ Low self-esteem is powerful and strong and if we don’t break it and get God’s image of us in Christ, we will never be what God created us to be.

By the end of his life, Moses fulfilled his destiny. He was the mightiest man on the face of the earth. But where did he begin? (1) He could not talk (2) He was nervous (3) He had low self-image. He had excuses and rationalized why he could not fulfill his destiny in God. But God knew who he was, and who he could be, and began to work in his life. We must begin to believe and act on what God says about us. We can be and do what God has called us to do. We can be people of destiny.

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