The Great Helper Series: Is the Holy Spirit Pentecostal?

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Is the Holy Spirit Pentecostal

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Is the Holy Spirit Pentecostal?

There are many denominations, what is important is that we follow the word of God and not a denomination.

We are Pentecostal if it means we believe:

  • Fully in the Person and works of the Holy Spirit
  • That every believer needs to have a vital, personal relationship with the Holy Spirit
  • The mighty experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is Pentecostal but not according to cultural or denominational definitions. Many people mistakenly think the term Pentecostal describes a person from a very strict religious tradition

Here are three questions to ask to answer the question is Holy Spirit Pentecostal:

I. What is Pentecost?

Acts 2:1-4 tells of the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. These verses reveal a time, a location and an attitude.

The time was the Jewish feast day of Pentecost. The location was the upper room in Jerusalem. The attitude, they were in one accord; in unity of heart and mind.

The History of Pentecost

Pentecost is one of the three major feasts in the nation of Israel.

The Jewish holy calendar contains a total of seven feasts within three major multi-day holidays occurring in the 1st, 3rd and 7th months of the Jewish calendar.

  1. Feast of Passover

This feast commemorated the angel of death passing over the children of Israel on the night before their great deliverance from bondage. They were saved by placing the blood of a lamb upon their doorposts.

There are 2 feasts within Passover:

  • Unleavened bread
  • First fruits
  1. Feast of Pentecost
  2. Tabernacles

The feast of Tabernacles include two feasts:

  • Trumpets
  • Day of atonement

Pentecost is from the Greek word, ‘Pentekostos’, which means ‘fifty’. It commemorated God giving the Law to Moses on Mount Sinai fifty days after the exodus from Egypt.

Pentecost was always celebrated on the 50th day after the Passover festival.

Leviticus 23:15-16, after seven Sabbaths, that is fifty days later, the Jews were to present an offering of new grain to the Lord.’

This is exactly what happened with the sacrifice of Christ!

God knew Jesus would rise again on the day after the Sabbath, He would be on earth 40 days after His resurrection, and the disciples would be praying 10 days – a total 50 days.

II. What happened at Pentecost?

Acts 2:5

At that time there were devout Jews from every nation living in Jerusalem.’

Pentecost is a miniature of heaven where many people of many tongues worship the Lord together.

When the law was given on Mount Sinai there was a loud noise, there was fire, the cloud descended, God gave His Law, the Ten Commandments, on tablets of stone. On the day when the law was given 3,000 people died because of their disobedience to God’s commands.


On the day of Pentecost, there was a loud noise, there was fire, the cloud of the Holy Spirit descended, God wrote His law on people’s hearts and 3,000 people were saved.

The Law gave the Israelites an understanding of what pleased God, but it could not give them the internal ability to live it. With their fallen natures, they simply had no power to keep the Law.

However, when the Holy Spirit fills a person’s life, the Holy Spirit writes a new law upon the heart of that believer; the law of love! Jesus said the entire teaching of the Law and the Prophets could be summed up with:

  • Love God with all your heart.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself.

The Holy Spirit comes into our lives and gives us the power to walk righteously and be witnesses of Jesus wherever we go.

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit changed everything for the disciples.

Before, they struggled to understand the Scriptures, afterward they realized that the Old Testament pointed prophetically and symbolically to the life and redeeming work of Jesus. What had been a mystery, suddenly became completely clear.

Before this event the disciples were timid and afraid; a little girl had intimidated Peter. After the Holy Spirit came on them they became bold and confident, proclaiming Jesus with great power.

III. Can I experience Pentecost?

Jesus said the experience of Pentecost is the promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit. He is available to everyone; Acts 1: 4 & 8

Peter also said this experience is possible for everyone, Acts 2: 37-39

The gift or promise is the Holy Spirit Himself, not tongues. Tongues is the initial evidence that you have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Can we receive this baptism today?

Of course! The promise – the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for everyone even today.

Remember the three feast:

  • Passover
  • Pentecost
  • Tabernacles

Jesus completely fulfilled Passover on the day He died. Passover was when a spotless lamb was killed for the sins of the people –Jesus was this Lamb.

On the same day and hour that the Jewish people would sacrifice the Passover lamb they nailed Jesus to the cross. At 3 o’clock they would prepare and cook the lamb. At 3 o’clock they took Jesus’ body off the cross and put it in the tomb.

The feast of Tabernacles has not yet been fulfilled, but one day the trumpet is going to sound, the dead in Christ will rise and we will meet the Lord in the air. We will eternally be the ‘tabernacle’ of God.

Can we experience the fulfillment of the feast of Passover and Tabernacles in Jesus, Lamb of God? Yes and if we keep believing in Jesus we will meet the Lord in the air!

Can we receive the fulfillment of the feast of Pentecost?

Since we can fulfill the other two, then we can also experience the fulfillment of Pentecost receiving the promise of the Father just like the disciples.

Have you fully received the Holy Spirit?

Let Him fill your heart.

Is the Holy Spirit Pentecostal

This sermon was preached by Pastor Elio Marrocco on June 10, 2018 at New Life Christian Church

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