This Is Jesus Series: Part 1 – Forgives My Sins

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This Is Jesus_ Forgives My Sins

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This Is Jesus Series – Part 1

“Forgives My Sins”

Everyone needs to know the real Jesus.

The media, in trying to make sense of who Jesus is, represents Him through opinion and speculation, rather than historical firsthand accounts of Jesus’ life that we find in the Bible.

Jesus has turned the world upside down. We’re attracted to and fascinated by Him. We want to understand who He is. Searching for the real Jesus is good. You want to be sure you know the truth, and there’s nothing more important in life than for you to know who Jesus is.

After three years of hearing Him teach, seeing Him perform miracles, calm storms, etc., Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do people say that I am?”

They answered, “You’re Moses, the prophet Elijah, a great prophet.” But Jesus asked His disciples the only question that really matters, “but who do you say I am?” It doesn’t matter what other people say about Jesus. What matters is, “who do you say Jesus is?”

The apostle Peter, by divine revelation, answered, “You are the Messiah the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16-17).

What does it mean that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God?

The Hebrew word Messiah means ‘Anointed One’. In those days when someone was anointed it meant they had been chosen for holy office. A priest would have oil poured over him to symbolize he was chosen by God for that position and that the Holy Spirit was upon him, giving him the ability to fulfill that role.

Christ is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word for Messiah.

The Messiah was the Anointed One, chosen by God to right all wrongs in the world and save God’s people. During the time of Jesus, the Jewish people were looking for a political and a military saviour, a descendant of King David, to reunite the twelve tribes of Israel, throw off the oppression of the Romans and re-establish the great nation of Israel. But God sent the world a very different type of Messiah. Jesus, as Messiah, came to save us from our sins.

We believe that Jesus is the Messiah, He is the Son of God, He is God Himself and He came in humility as the ultimate and perfect sacrifice for our sins. We believe that all the prophecies of the Old Testament about the Messiah were fulfilled in the mission, the death, and in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He didn’t just come for a Jewish kingdom, but He came that the entire world could be saved and could be reconciled with God. Jesus gave His life on the cross so that the sins that once stood between all of us and God, could be removed. This is Jesus, this is the Messiah.

What does it mean when we say that Jesus can save us from our sins?


1. I admit I need God’s forgiveness.

Admitting that we need forgiveness goes against everything in our human nature. Sin is choosing my way over God’s way.

God created us and has a plan for our life. When we go against His plan, we sin and sin breaks our relationship with God.

We all sin and fall short of God’s standard because God’s standard is perfection (Romans 3:23). None of us are perfect and can reach that standard; so we sin.

The consequence of sin is spiritual death (Romans 6:23). Being separated from God’s peace, presence, power, and purpose for your life; and being separated from God for eternity.

Jesus the Messiah is God’s gift to us to pay the cost for all sins. But it begins with a confession. The first step to Jesus forgiving my sin is, I admit that I need that forgiveness.

2. I believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

I must believe it in my heart that Jesus is the Messiah and that He is who He says He is. Belief in Jesus shows that we trust Him and have faith that He’ll forgive our sins.

Our verse for this week is from John 3:16-17

Everyone who believes that Jesus is who the Bible says He is, will not perish, but have eternal life. He took the punishment that I deserve upon Himself, on the cross so that I could have life eternal. Our faith needs to be strengthened daily for us to continue to believe (John 20:31).

3. I confess that Jesus is Lord.

Not only do I believe in Jesus, I make Him the leader of my life and follow Him. Read Romans 10:9-10.

Jesus doesn’t need just another fan. He wants you to be a follower. He doesn’t want you just to like Him, He wants to lead your life, to be your Lord and the decision maker in your life.

When you become a Christian, you confess it to others, you let others know. When you reaffirm your beliefs, you reaffirm your commitment to follow Him.

Another way to confess that Jesus is Lord is by being baptized. Baptism is where you publicly declare your faith in Jesus. It’s a symbolic step of obedience.

C.S. Lewis, a professor at Cambridge University and famous agnostic, was challenged by the question Jesus asked of His disciples, who is Jesus? In his search he concluded: that Jesus was more than a moral teacher, nor neither a lunatic nor a fiend but “that [Jesus] was and is God.”

At the end of our lives, we will have to stand before Jesus and answer the same question that Peter answered almost 2,000 years ago, “Who do you say that I am?”

What will you say? Will He be the Lord of your life?

If you choose this Jesus, God promises that you will be saved (Romans 10:13).


This sermon was preached by Pastor Elio Marrocco on November 11, 2018 at New Life Christian Church
This Is Jesus_ Forgives My Sins