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claude laramee - _DSC7822The Preschool department offers 5 classrooms accommodating newborns to Senior Kindergarten age: Nursery (0-18 months), Toddlers (19 – 35 months), Preschool, Jr. Kindergarten and Sr. Kindergarten

The Preschool department offers programs every Sunday morning at the 10:30am & 12:00pm services, and Friday Nights. The children are taught songs, Bible stories and have a craft time that reinforces the Bible lesson of the day.

The Preschool program aims to invest in the lives of children by bringing them to understand the plan God has for them. The Preschool department provides quarterly fun events for the whole family. This gives parents and children an opportunity to get to know each other and build lifelong relationships. Events include a trip to the zoo, pyjama party, fruit picking at a local farm, candy concert, etc.

A Parenting Room for young children who cannot be settled in the Nursery or Toddler rooms is also available.