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Hi families,

This week I want to share with you this awesome resource from Orange. It’s called Life Maps. Please read the description below and click on the links to access.

Every phase is a timeframe in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinct opportunities to influence their future. During each phase, there are critical conversations each child needs to have: Technological Responsibility, Sexual Integrity, Faith, and Health.

The Life Maps function as summary charts to inform parents and give an overall picture of the unique characteristics of each phase to help engage kids in these timely conversations. The maps help you see upcoming phases as well as phases they may have already traveled through.

The Life Maps are divided into sections by phase with specific strategies, questions, and words you can say to engage your kids in a meaningful, practical, age appropriate way.
The hope is that by identifying your child’s developmental needs, you can parent with more intentionality and confidence.

Life Map- Faith

Life Map- Health

Life Map- Sexual Integrity

Life Map- Technological Responsibility


Please find below everything you need for Kids’ Church at home for this Sunday and the devotions for the week following:



Preschool Lesson Video- Feb 28

Preschool Lesson Guide- Feb 28

Youtube Link-



Elementary Lesson Video- Feb 28

Elementary Lesson Guide- Feb 28

Devotion K-1

Devotion grades 2-3

Youtube Link-


PRETEEN (Grades 4-5)

Preteen Lesson Video- Feb 28

Preteen Lesson Guide- Feb 28

Preteen Devotion

Youtube Link-


God bless,

Tahnee Marrocco

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