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Hi Families,

And just like that we are in December…the last month of 2020! What a year this has been! I am looking forward with hopeful expectation for all that 2021 will bring! Last reminder about this year’s Christmas item. So far only 2 families have submitted a video, if we dont get enough we won’t be able to make it. Here’s the link again:

Oh What A Glorious Night -the singing starts around the 1:10 mark

The link to upload your videos to:

The deadline for submission is THIS SUNDAY DEC 6!

Can I also remind you to please record in landscape mode. Thank you!


This week’s parenting articles- Sometimes the heart needs to hear what is right

20 things we learned in 2020


Please find below everything you need for Kids’ Church at home for this Sunday and the devotions for the week following:



Preschool Lesson Video- December 6

Preschool Lesson Guide December 6

Preschool Devotion for the month of December

Youtube Link-

Also as a bonus for this month there is a Nativity Scene Craft and instructions for a Christmas cookie activity to have fun as a family and teach your little ones about the Christmas story-

Family Christmas Cookies Activity

Nativity Scene Printable Art



Elementary lesson video- December 6

Elementary Lesson Guide December 6

Devotion K-1

Devotion grades 2-3

Youtube Link-


PRETEEN (Grades 4-5)

Preteen Lesson Video- December 6

Preteen Lesson Guide December 6

Preteen Devotion

Youtube Link-


Don’t forget to check out our NewLife Jr Pinterest Page for crafts, activities and lessons and guides.


God bless you and yours,

Tahnee Marrocco

Don’t forget all these resources and links to the videos can be found on our NewLife website and NewLife Jr Pinterest Board.

Conversation Guides for Parents