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Hi families,

After many months of being home, one issue that I have to deal with constantly is how much technology to allow my kids to interact with. What is harmful, how is it harmful, how much is too much, how can I protect my kids from encountering harmful content, etc. I have included the links to some articles that help parents navigate this difficult subject. 

Technology and Kids: facing your fears

A 3-pronged approach to solving technology issues with kids

Technology tip – at the bottom of this quick video you will see links to more articles and videos on the issues of technology and your kids. I hope you find them informative!

Please find below everything you need for Kids’ Church at home for this Sunday and the devotions for the week following:


Preschool Lesson Video- August 9

Preschool Lesson Guide August 9



Elementary lesson video- August 9

Elementary Lesson Guide August 9

Kindergarten to Grade 1 Devotion

Grades 2-3 Devotion


PRETEEN (Grades 4-5)

Preteen Lesson Video- August 9

Preteen Lesson Guide August 9

Preteen Devotion


God bless,

Tahnee Marrocco


Don’t forget all these resources and links to the videos can be found on our NewLife website and NewLife Jr Pinterest Board.

Conversation Guides for Parents