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Hi Families,

This Week launces a new month of learning.

I found this article from parent cue really relatable. It’s good to know you are not alone during this time, everyone I have spoken to have found it tough. Hope this article encourages you.

How do we make it through when things get tough

Also, if you have more than one child at home then I am sure you are dealing with the struggle to get your kids to stop fighting and get along. I feel like a referee, mediator and adjudicator most of the time dealing with my 3 boys. While there is no one single solution, there are some useful tips in this article- How to help your kids get along with each other.



Preschool Lesson Video- June 7

Preschool Lesson Guide

JUNE Devotional- Preschool Placemat



Elementary lesson video- June 7

Elementary Lesson Guide

Kindergarten to Grade 1 Devotion

Grades 2-3 Devotion


PRETEEN (Grades 4-5)

Preteen Lesson Video- June 7

Preteen Lesson Guide

Preteen Devotion

I hope you and your kids were able to see the shoutouts from some of our Kids’ leaders at the end of the online service this past sunday. If not, check it out on youtube!

God bless,

Tahnee Marrocco


Don’t forget all these resources and links to the videos can be found on our NewLife website and NewLife Jr Pinterest Board.

Conversation Guides for Parents

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