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Hi families,

I know many of us are currently dealing with the busyness of the back to School season, I hope you are all finding a rhythmn and settling into the changes this new School year has brought. I have included some parenting articles and will be doing so every week. I hope you find them helpful and useful! 

10 Affirmations for the Worried Parent

Preparing your kids for life online

Don’t forget all of the kids’ video lessons are now available on youtube in the NewLife Church youtube channel and also on our church website, to make it easier for you to view on smart phones, TVs and tablets. Also check out our NewLife Jnr Pinterest board for all the parent guides, crafts, recipes, etc. 

Please find below everything you need for Kids’ Church at home for this Sunday and the devotions for the week following:


Preschool Lesson Video- September 27

Preschool Lesson Guide September 27

Preschool Devotion for the month of September

Youtube video link-



Elementary lesson video- September 27

Elementary Lesson Guide September 27

Devotion K-1

Devotion grades 2-3

Youtube video link-


PRETEEN (Grades 4-5)

Preteen Lesson Video- September 27

Preteen Lesson Guide September 27

Preteen Devotion

Youtube video link-

Tahnee Marrocco

Don’t forget all these resources and links to the videos can be found on our NewLife website and NewLife Jr Pinterest Board.

Conversation Guides for Parents