From Pastor’s Thoughts: How To Avoid Relapse

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How to Avoid Relapse

Date: January 16th, 2019
Read: 1 Corinthians 10:12 (MSG)

So far this month, we have looked at habits that will help us maintain our momentum with our commitments, to help overcome setbacks. Progress is difficult, and relapse is easy; therefore, we must also understand what relapse is, and how to avoid it in our lives.

Here are three possible causes of relapse:
(1) Reverting to Self-sufficiency. You were broken before Christ found you. The beauty of the gospel is God pulling you from the garbage heap and choosing to love you. It’s all about what He has done, not what you have done.
(2) Skipping a step in the process. We live in an instantaneous culture. We get impatient, and want our problems solved immediately. You must remember that God has started a work in you, but it will take time to fix. (3) Trying to recover without support. You might think that no one else can understand your problems but you need other people in your life to pray for you, support you, and be spiritual mirrors to help see yourself for who you are.

It is also important to know the stages of relapse. First, there is complacency. People stop praying and working on their problem, because it no longer feels as desperate. This is a dangerous place to be. Next, there is confusion. People begin to rationalize their old patterns. They say things like, “It wasn’t so bad. I can handle it now.” This is the time you will need a close friend, to say what you need to hear. Without this, there will be compromise. People make poor choices again and return to the place of temptation. It’s not long before they unravel very quickly and end up in catastrophe.

Remember that collapse is not the relapse, but simply the result of it. Challenge yourself to recognize the patterns of relapse in your own life and learn to avoid them.


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