From Pastor’s Thoughts: Don’t Quit Too Soon

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Don’t Quit Too Soon

Date: November 14th, 2018
Read: Matthew 13:20-21

The Bible promises a blessing for those who endure testing and persecution to the end (James 1:12). Sometimes in challenges we find it much easier to quit than endure and wait patiently for God to act. Endurance is a powerful arsenal, it sustains courage, gives staying power to discipline, and sees to it that a vision becomes reality. Without endurance we prematurely quit jobs, educational programs, relationships, and God’s calling.

We build endurance in our lives by learning how to break through the quitting point. Quitting point is the last seconds of a race when your sides are splitting, your legs are heavy, your throat is burning, and your mind is shouting, “quit!” For the office worker, it’s the last straw with the manager. In the home, it is the twentieth argument on the same topic. Morally, it is caving into the prevailing morals of the day because everyone else is doing it. Spiritually, it is quitting on God because you feel He hasn’t heard you.

We reach that ‘quitting point’ where all we can think of is the sweet relief of giving up and escaping to a new situation. We become extraordinary in the sight of God when we come to a quitting point, draw on God’s strength, and crash through it. Don’t pay the high cost of quitting. Endure instead by drawing on God’s strength. In most cases we will regret it the rest of our lives if we quit too soon. There is no blessing, character development or glamour in quitting. Every time we break through a quitting point, there’s a victory gained in heaven and in our lives, because endurance has grabbed a hold of us a little stronger.

Don’t quit too soon.