From Pastor’s Thoughts: Dreamers in a Dying City – Part 3

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Dreamers in a Dying City

Part 3

Date: February 20th, 2019
Read: Hebrews 11:13-16

Anything that keeps us from the dream is not of God. The distractions of the world are sent by the enemy to keep you from fulfilling your role in the Kingdom of God.

In Greek mythology, the story is told of Odysseus coming home from war, determined to make it home without the distractions that caused sailors before him to fall. Ahead was a rocky coast where the Sirens, beautiful and dangerous creatures, would sing beautifully, enticing sailors to stop by, only to be shipwrecked. Odysseus, determined not to fall prey, said to the crew ‘tie me to the mast, I’m going home. Now fill your ears with cotton, steer this ship rapidly past the rocks, and whatever I tell you don’t obey me.’ As the ship approached the rocky coast, Odysseus heard the beautiful singing enticing him ‘come and settle down here, we will take care of you’. Odysseus changed his mind and said, ‘remember my first order, now forget it’. But the crew sailed by and Odysseus was safe.

This could be a symbol of our Christian journey with God. We need to commit ourselves in such a way that we say, ‘no matter what I do, don’t turn left or right. Don’t let me get bogged down in what surrounds me. Keep me going on my journey.’

Church is not a place where we wear masks and pretend not to be sinful, but a place where sinners can get together and confess their faults. We need each other to ‘tie us to the mast’ so we don’t get distracted and fall by the wayside.

How about you? Have you found a Ch


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