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The Fight of Faith

Date: October 10th, 2018
Read: Joshua 18: 1-3

The people of Israel had a destiny to follow in God but they never took it. It was God’s plan for them to possess the Promised Land but they lacked the faith to persevere to the end. Later, after Joshua led them into the Promised Land, they never possessed all that God said they could, because they became laid back and lost their faith (Josh. 18:3).

Be aware, there is a danger that we will not possess all that God has made available to us because we begin to lose faith; we may go to heaven, but we won’t fulfill our God given destiny on the earth because we do not walk by faith. The faith-filled life is difficult in many ways but we must keep our eyes focused on Jesus and His Word, not on the circumstances around us.

Even the apostle Paul, who had such a great destiny in the Lord, had to fight the fight of faith to make it to his destiny’s end. He used faith to overcome his circumstances and get on with his destiny. Paul used faith to overcome religious opposition, the ills of men, being ship wrecked, weakness and low resources. Paul prayed; he believed; he stood on the Word of God and never gave in to his circumstances or natural feelings. We often let the storms of life decide our direction.  We let our circumstances dictate our behaviour.

Today be encouraged to fight the fight of faith! The fight of faith is always worth it.

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