From Pastor’s Thoughts: Giving Our Best To God

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Giving Our Best To God

Date: December 26th, 2018
Read: Matthew 2:1-12

When the wise men saw the star, they travelled afar bringing gifts in worship to the King. When we bring our gifts to our King, we bring the very best. Our best in music, in teaching, in offering. Our best in every area of service. Not to try to outdo others, or to “be the best” for the sake of showing off, but because He is a great God, a great King, and our great Lord and Saviour.

He deserves the best we have to offer. When God becomes our priority, we give Him our best as He has given to us. God gets the best of our day, the best of our time, and the best of our resources. What is the world supposed to think about a God whose followers bring Him their worst instead of their best?

It takes work and sacrifice to offer God our best. But it also took work and sacrifice, costing Jesus His life for you and I. At times we will have to give up some things we may want to buy to give to God. We may have to give up time to come to special meetings and practices, or to serve at church. It costs us something to give God our best. God isn’t pleased when we take what’s left at the end of the day, or the end of the month, and give it to Him.

To what degree is your giving to God a reflection of your belief in Him? If He is our highest commitment in life, shouldn’t our giving reflect that priority?

Like the wise men, we invite you to in worship open your treasures, and give your best to God.


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