From Pastor’s Thoughts: God’s Will For Our Lives – Part 2

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God’s Will for Our Lives

Part 2

August 14th, 2019
Read: Luke 6:33-36

We have all asked the question: “What is God’s will for my life?” In a world with so many options, it’s not easy to know in which direction we should be heading as Christians. More than ever, we need to know that God is leading us. It is possible to learn to hear God’s voice and be sensitive to His promptings. Most of God’s will for our lives is already revealed in The Bible. Over the next four weeks we will look at the what The Bible says about God’s will for our lives.

(1) It is God’s will that we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Belief in God and faith in His Son Jesus Christ is the most fundamental truth of The Bible. Without it, we can never be Christians. See Acts 16: 30-31. We must never forget that belief in Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith, and therefore God’s will for our lives.

(2) It is God’s will that we give ourselves 100% to Him.
Many people want to know God’s will to decide if they’ll obey it; but God expects unconditional surrender from us. We’re not two equals locked in a debate. Only pride will fool us into that delusion. We are finite and fallible. God is infinite and constant. He asks us to submit ourselves because of who He is. Remember, He is for us, not against us (Rom 8:28).

God wants us to confess Jesus as Lord and give Him our trust and obedience. When we do this, He can fully guide our lives with specific direction.


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