From Pastor’s Thoughts: Jesus Calms My Storms – Part 1

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Jesus Calms My Storms

Part 1

Wednesday March 11th, 2020

Storms of different kinds come into our lives suddenly leaving us to feel our lives are out of control. Marriage, career, financial and even health storms leave us feeling loss, but we must continually remind ourselves that Jesus is with us in the middle of our storms. He desires to calm our storms, exchanging our fears with His peace.

Mark 4:36-41 tells the story of Jesus using His words to calm a physical storm to which the disciples responded, “Who is this Man that even the wind and waves obey Him?” This shows Jesus is in complete control over all creation and can calm physical storms as well as spiritual, emotional, health, financial, and relational storms. Whatever fear that’s creating a storm in your life, just as Jesus was in control of the storm on the sea, you can trust that Jesus will bring peace to your life too.

To experience God’s peace, we must first acknowledge that life is full of storms. Trusting Jesus doesn’t mean there won’t be storms. Sometimes we face storms because:

a) Of a bad decision we made
b) Of a bad decision someone else made
c) We live in a broken and fallen world
d) God wants to teach us something. He’s helping us grow so we’re prepared for what’s coming.

‘Jesus’ peace doesn’t come from the absence of storms. It comes from knowing that He’s in control when we’re in the middle of the storm.’

Storms often come out of nowhere without warning, casting our lives into chaos, panic, worry and fear. But we can experience peace in life’s storms when we acknowledge that storms are going to come, but we can be at rest because Jesus has overcome the world (John 16:33).

We don’t have to face storms alone. Jesus says no matter how big the storm, I am bigger.

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