From Pastor’s Thoughts: We All Need Hope

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We All Need Hope

Date: January 30th, 2019
Read: Proverbs 18:14

It is not easy to face our mistakes or hurts when we have setbacks. But God promises that when we face our pain or bad habits, He will be with us, giving us hope. We cannot reach health and progress without the hope and comfort that comes from God. Hope is the expectation that things are going to get better. But how can we have hope when change seems hopeless?

You can be hopeful by remembering these five things:
(1) God is with you. We often feel hopeless because we forget about God; Job 8:11 says, “Those who forget God have no hope”. Without God, you would have many reasons to be discouraged, but with Him, you can be encouraged!
(2) God cares about you. God loves you. Look at the cross. Jesus came to earth to die for you. That’s the reason for hope. God wants to fill every area of your mind, heart, and soul with His love.
(3) God knows your situation. God knows what pains your heart. He knows everything, including your habits and hurts. Psalm 5:8 says, “You know how troubled I am. You have kept a record of my tears.” There is hope for change if you will trust God with your situations.
(4) God has power you don’t have. You are not God. You need to realize He has enough power for your problems. There is an abundance of things you cannot control; therefore, you must give the control to God.
(5) God has promised to help. God will help you if you turn to Him. Remember Psalm 119:81, “I expect Your help for You have promised it.”

God promises you hope and help if you will turn to Him. Find hope in The Lord by remembering how much He cares.


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