From Pastor’s Thoughts: Overcoming Fear

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Overcoming Fear

Wednesday October 30th, 2019
Read: 2 Timothy 1:7


Have you let go of dreams, or given up on your destiny because of fear? Sometimes fear is hard to recognize, as it masks itself as discouragement, laziness, intimidation, hopelessness, etc. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear,” therefore we are called to rise above our fears, and claim faith and courage in Jesus’ name. Here are three types of fears that could potentially be holding you back:

A fear of change. 
Change is the way of life. Unfortunately, so many of us are scared of change because it makes us feel out of control. We must remember that God is in control. We are safe and secure in His hands. Change is good for us, and it is necessary for us to be completed in Christ’s image. We must become comfortable with change, and learn to use it to our advantage, and for God’s glory. The better we handle change, the more God can use us.

A fear of failure. 
A fear of failure will keep us from stepping out in faith. It will keep you in the boat. Only Peter walked on water, because the other disciples were afraid of sinking. If you stop trusting God, you will stop moving toward your destiny. Remember, it isn’t failure or mistakes that keep us from our destiny, but instead, the decision to stay still. Fear ruins more dreams than failure does. Trust in God. Step onto the water, and if you ever start to sink, Jesus will be there to catch you.

A fear of success. 
This fear is more subtle and is really a fear of failure in disguise. Accomplishment is often considered overwhelming, and so we avoid it. Scared of what happens if we succeed, we subconsciously decide it is better not to try at all. This goes against the truths we know about God. He provides, He qualifies, He is the One we desire to bring glory to. We are called to enter seasons where we feel inadequate, so God can reveal His goodness to us. We are called to succeed.

Let’s be strong and courageous in The Lord. He has commanded us not to be frightened or dismayed, for He is with us wherever we go! (Jos. 1:9)

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