From Pastor’s Thoughts: The Powerful Forces of Destiny – Part 1

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The Powerful Forces of Destiny

Part 1

Wednesday October 9th, 2019
Read: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

We’ve seen that without a sense of destiny, our lives become empty. It’s important to understand the blessings and personal growth that lead us to have purpose. How will that understanding affect us? What will it produce in us? When a person has a sense of destiny, powerful forces are at work in their lives. This week let’s look at three of these interconnected forces.

1. People with a sense of destiny have vision.
Without vision, we perish. We need vision to guide our path, to help us think positively about our lives. We need to know why we were born and what God has planned for us. We are not an accident, and there is a divine journey prepared for us. Vision is like having a snapshot of your future, seeing where you will be. In that focused and insightful perspective, we come to see our destiny.

2. People with a sense of destiny have discipline.
Disciplined people work hard to achieve certain goals, for that is the only route to success. Discovering those goals (with vision) leads to us realizing our destiny. Most people lack discipline because they have no sense of purpose, or no desire to obtain that purpose. You might not know where you are going, but you can be disciplined in the season you’re currently. Pray for vision to discover the goals God has planned for you. From discipline, comes destiny.

3. People with a sense of destiny have healthy self-esteem.
If we are to believe in the achievements God has set out for us, we need to also believe in ourselves. When we don’t understand our own worth, we cannot function at our highest level. Without self-esteem we cannot be as disciplined in achieving our goals or have enough confidence for God’s grand vision. When you know who you are, you understand your destiny from The Lord, and your lifestyle reflects it. When we listen to what God says about us, we will fulfill what He created us for because we’ll have confidence.

Vision, discipline, and self-esteem are all connected. The presence of these forces in our lives will lead us to knowing our destiny, and the plans God has for us. Be encouraged. If you need a stronger sense of purpose, pray for these powerful forces to work within you.