From Pastor’s Thoughts: The Powerful Forces of Destiny – Part 2

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The Powerful Forces of Destiny

Part 2

Wednesday October 16th, 2019
Read: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18


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Last week, we began studying the powerful forces which activate in our lives when we have a sense of purpose. Today, let’s look at four more of these forces:

1. People with a sense of destiny have faith and courage.
God created you with talents and gifts and designed a future for you, like Paul who knew God had destined him to preach the gospel and be a witness of Jesus. But Paul’s path was not easy. Sometimes believers must endure hardship to reach the destiny God has for them. Just like Paul, we can have the faith and courage to endure tribulation if we realize we’re on the course to our destiny.

2. People with a sense of destiny have resources.
Let’s remember that “God’s will is God’s bill.” The Lord does not have a resource problem, therefore, neither do we. If we need things like patience, time for rest, more help, or better finances; God’s storehouse will open according to His will. If we’re in His will, reaching for the destiny He has bestowed on us, He will take care of our needs. We can be confident in The Lord’s supply when we are moving towards our purpose.

3. People with a sense of destiny have drive and motivation.
So many people lack in this area. Why? It is because they have not realized their destiny and are pursuing things which don’t fulfill them. When we have a sense of a higher calling and trust the Lord to bring us to it, then we are excited, enthused, and motivated. If you want to have passion and drive, realize what God established for you before He even founded the world!

4. People with a sense of destiny have vital relationships.
None of us can reach our destiny alone. We are part of the body of Christ, and members of each other. We need others to help us fulfill the will of God. Proverbs 18:1 says, “a man who isolates himself… rages against all wise judgement.” We need one another. Build stronger relationships with those around you, as you find and pursue your purpose.

When we understand our destiny, God blesses us with faith, resources, motivation, and fruitful relationships. Let’s look to God for direction and supply, as we each ask Him to reveal our purposes in life.

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