From Pastor’s Thoughts: Principles of Stewardship

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Principles of Stewardship

Date: December 5th, 2018
Read: Matthew 25:14-30

Today we’ll look at four principles to apply in our stewardship for the Lord.

(1) God owns everything (Ps. 24:1). In our world today we use ownership language that replaces God with ourselves: ‘my car,’ ‘my job,’ ‘my money,’ ‘my time,’ ‘my family.’ We would be right in reminding ourselves daily, it’s ‘God’s money, job, car, time and family. I’m a steward over what He chooses to give me.’

(2) We are God’s administrators (v. 14). God distributes His resources to each of us according to what He thinks we can handle at the time (v.15). He expects us to manage well what He has given us, knowing that He is watching how we handle our responsibilities.

(3) How we administer determines how God distributes. Our stewardship of what God has given to us in the past determines what He will distribute to us in the future (Matt. 25: 20-21). He gives us a certain amount of His possessions to manage and when we do a faithful job with what He has given, He gives more. Poor management of His resources will result in having even less (vs. 28-29). The principle is to start small in faithfulness and see how God responds with more.

(4) We shall all give an account (Rom. 14: 12). It is an accounting on how faithful we have been as stewards of all God has given us in Christ (v. 19). Take an inventory of what God has given you to manage for Him: money, time, family, job, school work, car etc.

Have you been a diligent and faithful steward to hear the words “well done” from Christ?