From Pastor’s Thoughts: The Service of Giving to God

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The Service of Giving to God

Date: June 5th, 2019
Read: John 3:16 and Malachi 3:10-12

If we pause to reflect on our lives, a few things would become clear: God in His grace gives us His best and God has been with us through it all. Now we’re challenged to do the same. To stick with God and give Him our best. How can we give to a great God? The Word of God is full of guidelines about giving, and the joy and blessings in-store for those who give and manage their finances according to God’s plan.

In our passage today we find a principle and a promise for managing money God’s way. The principle of tithing (giving 10% of one’s income or possession) pre-dates the law. In Genesis 14, Abraham gave a tithe to the priest of God, Melchizedek, and Jacob promised a tithe to God, long before the law was in place. Tithing is not a Jewish or Christian principle, but a human principle: a tenth of everything belongs to God.

To understand giving to God we must understand that: (1) tithing was the method God chose for giving to Him (Lev. 27: 30-32). God’s plan is that His people faithfully support His work through tithes and offerings. (2) Tithing was a matter of priority with God. When God’s people offered the worst and leftovers to Him, He rebuked them (Mal. 1:8). It was a sign that the people were not putting God as their priority so only the weak, sick, blind flock, or blighted food were being offered to Him.

The act of tithing should not lead to arrogance. Jesus said when we tithe, we should remember to also act justly towards each other as this shows we love God fully (Luke 11:42 and Matt. 23:24).

Are you showing God you love Him completely by giving God the first part of everything you earn, and showing mercy and justice towards others? Or are you giving Him the leftovers?