This Is Jesus Series: Part 2 – Meets My Needs

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This Is Jesus_ Meets My Needs

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This Is Jesus Series – Part 2

“Meets My Needs”



American Psychologist Abraham Maslow outlined five human needs that are common to all of us.

Physical survival
Food, water, warmth, a place to stay.

Feeling safe and secure
a) Financial Security
b) Relational Security
c) Physical and Emotional Security

Love and belonging
This is friendship, intimacy, the relationships I have.

Self-worth, self-esteem
My identity, my accomplishments.

a) Am I the person that God created me to be?
b) Am I living out my ultimate purpose in life?
c) Am I living a fulfilling life?

People can meet some of our needs, but only Jesus can meet all our needs; from the basic needs of survival, to discovering our purpose in life and reaching our full potential of who God created us to be.

Read Matthew 14:14-21


1. I bring my needs to Jesus.

It may sound simple, but often, when we have a need, we don’t bring it to Jesus. We try to take control and meet our need ourselves. After becoming overwhelmed, disappointed, and disillusioned, we bring our need to Jesus.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing a need with others or actively looking for a solution. But before you do anything, bring your need to Jesus and let Him guide you.

In Matthew 14, the disciples saw a need and decided on a solution by themselves. They sent the people away. But Jesus said, “No, I’m the MASTER, I’m going to meet this need.”

“Jesus, we only have five loaves and two fish, there are 10,000 people here.”

“Bring them here. Bring what you have here.”

Jesus was saying, “Bring your need to me first.”

What if, when we had a need, we went to God first as our first instinct?

Jesus loves us, understands what our needs are and wants to meet them. Whatever your need, health, relationship, bring your need to Jesus first, and trust Him (Psalm 55:22).

2. I remain thankful to Jesus during my time of need.

It’s easy to be thankful when everything is going your way, but when your money is running out, when the business is going down, it isn’t easy to be thankful. The Bible says it’s most important to be thankful, during your time of need (1 Thessalonians 5:18). IN all circumstances, not for all circumstances.

How do we do that?

We must realize that despite the trouble we’re facing, we always have something to be thankful for. When we’re thankful for what we do have, God steps in, He gives peace, strength, and gives the help that’s needed.

3. I keep bringing my needs to Him.

There are times in all of our lives when it feels like our needs aren’t being met or our prayers aren’t being answered. The marriage isn’t getting any better or the loneliness won’t stop. We think, “If Jesus promises to meet our needs, why am I still struggling in this area? Why isn’t it getting any better?”

Remember, Jesus promises that if we trust Him, He will provide for our needs. Sometimes God doesn’t meet our needs the way that we expect Him to on our timetable, but He always meets them when we trust Him.

Keep on asking (Luke 11:9) until God says, ‘I will not answer that prayer!’ When we keep bringing our needs to Jesus, we prove that we are relying on Him.

The apostle Paul had a need he went to God about. God didn’t answer his prayer the way Paul requested, but God answered by giving him grace to endure (2 Corinthians 12:7-9).

You may have asked God to provide for a need, He hasn’t yet, and you’re discouraged. But Jesus says, “Keep asking. Keep being persistent.” Even if you don’t get what you want, trust that God is always going to give you what you need.

4. I celebrate when Jesus meets my needs.

Celebrate. Be thankful. Acknowledge that it was Jesus who just met your need.

Read the story of how only one of ten lepers thanked Jesus in Luke 17:13-19

Too many times we come to Jesus for a need, then we forget to come back to Him and celebrate with Him when He meets that need in our life. Celebrate what Jesus has done in your life!

5. I offer my entire life to Jesus.

Jesus could have fed the 5,000 out of nothing. Instead, Jesus asked, “bring what little you have to me.”

Before Jesus meets the need, He wants you to bring what little you have to Him. Jesus says, “bring your entire life to Me right now. Whether rich or poor, happy or sad, bring Me whatever you have right now. I will bless it, multiply it, and I will meet your need.”

When I don’t trust Jesus, and I hold back areas of my life from Him, I don’t receive God’s blessing. I end up frustrated and don’t receive God’s best for my life. Whatever you offer to Him, He blesses (Mark 8:35).

Jesus came into the world to meet our needs.

Our physical needs: if He fed the 5,000 and healed the lepers, He will do the same for us today.

Our need to be loved: Jesus gave His life for you on the cross. And He created the church as a family that you can enjoy, and experience healthy relationships with.

Our need to make a difference: Jesus is the one who gives you a mission and a purpose to live so you can have a fulfilling life.

Our need to be secure: As a Christian, you belong to Him, and no one can ever rip you out of His hands. Your eternity in heaven is secure.

Whatever need you have today, bring it to Jesus and be thankful.

Give your entire life to Him and He will give you everything you need (Matthew 6:33).

If Jesus is MASTER, then He can meet all your needs.

This sermon was preached by Pastor Elio Marrocco on November 18, 2018 at New Life Christian Church

This Is Jesus_ Meets My Needs