Vision Sunday

Read Matthew 16:18


In the last few years we have seen the mighty power of God on this church. God’s grace has been with us, guided us, and protected us.

Many times, when I see the church in the natural, I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task ahead. But Jesus said the gates of Hades will not overcome the Church.

As we look to the year 2019 our prayer needs to be: “Jesus, continue to build Your church!”

The Board of Directors and the Leadership Team of New Life Church would like to share with you the values we want to emphasize as a church.

Value #1

To communicate the Gospel to those outside of God’s family

Evangelism is our first value. To share the Gospel with those that don’t know Jesus. Throughout the Gospels we find that Christ’s passion was for the lost. (Matthew 23:37)

From its inception, this church has always been an evangelistic church. Most people come to church because someone invites them. In the year 2019 we want to fire up this principle again.

Have you:

been praying for a friend that doesn’t know Christ?

– invited someone to church?

– led someone through the sinner’s prayer?

Evangelism strategies:

– Personal Evangelism

– Evangelism through Small Groups

– Special Services: New Life Fair, Candy Concert, Winter Fest etc.


1) Attendance

2) Baptisms

Value #2

To help people discover and operate in their God-given ministry.

We want to help people find their area of ministry within the church.

The Bible says we are the body of Christ and have been gifted for service.

Wouldn’t it be great if people served in the church according to their spiritual gift! (Eph. 4:11-12)

God has created each one of us with a unique passion, spiritual gift and personality for His purpose and for His glory. We want to help you find your gifting so you can serve at New Life Church.

Serving Strategies:

1) Continue to run New Life College.

2) We want to help place people into appropriate ministry positions.

3) We will be running appropriate courses to help people discover their gifts.

4) We will be putting together a team that will facilitate the implementation of these strategies.

I want to challenge you to get involved and discover the joy of serving in the body of Christ.


Number of Volunteers

Number of hours spent in ministry per week

Number of times we run volunteer courses

Value #3

To establish a core

I believe that more than ever it is essential to the well-being and future of this church that we establish a core group of people.

Rick Warren identifies Community, Congregation and Core as groups of people within the church.

The Core is the group of people who form the foundation of the church and are made up of leaders, workers and those involved in ministry. The core is committed to the vision of New Life and are passionate about seeing New Life reach its full potential in God.

It is critical for the church to bring together, on a regular basis, the core of the church to continue to grow. Jesus had the 12, but He also had the 70.

The core is critical because it will help us to:

1. Clarify the purpose of the church

2. Align ourselves with the purpose and direction of the church

3. Identify and strengthen weaknesses in the church

4. Clarify and uphold our core values

5. Set a foundation for future growth

Strategies for the Core

Meetings twice per year.


Value #4

Minor goals for 2019


1. Friday Connect Nights

Our Friday nights are primarily designed for those who want to grow deeper as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Studies have shown that this generation is the most Biblically illiterate generation there is. More than ever we have a need to study the Word. This year, we will focus on Renewing the Mind.

2. New Life Short Courses

Continue to meet the needs of our community by giving short courses on practical life topics.

3. New Life Community Services

We will be completing the extension by the end of January. We will have opportunity for: Sports, Montessori school -5 days/week, and facility rental.

4. Newcomers Ministry

We want to continue to develop a process that is going to help integrate new people into the life of the church.

5. Continue to improve the prayer and intercession ministry.

We believe strongly in prayer and will continue to work on:

– Monthly prayer services

– Ministry of intercession

– Bi-annual week of prayer

Read Colossians 4:12

6. Create a New Life Care Group

Helping needy individual and families that are going through difficult times.

7. New Life Business and Professional Network

To encourage and promote professionals in our community.

To believe God for more so that we can contribute more in His Kingdom.

8. New Life Counselling Services

Continue to provide counselling for various needs of our people and community.

9. New Life College

Continue with accredited courses from Global University USA, as a Study Centre, providing a Bible foundation for workers and ministries.

Conclusion: How does Jesus build the church? He builds it through earthen vessels like you and I. Every time we encourage someone, get involved, and use our gifts, we are building the church. What can we do this year to build God’s Church?

1) Unite in Purpose

We need to have clarity as to what the Church is about. Read Matthew 28:19-20. The church exists to bring people into a fully committed relationship with Jesus.


2) Unite in Prayer

We need to pray and believe that God is going to protect His church.

I would like to challenge every one of us to pray the prayer in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 over New Life. Pray that God would revive us.

3) Unite in Vision

The Church has an enemy who understands the power of the Church and he will do all he can to weaken it. But the gates of hell will not overcome it. The enemy tries destroy the Church through division. But let us unite and cry out to God. God will bless us (Ps. 133: 1-3).

4) Work Together

Learn to be someone who offers your time, talents, and finances to God. The more we sow into the kingdom of God the greater will be our eternal reward.

May this year be a year where the favour of God rests upon our lives and our church (Psalm 90:17).


This sermon was preached by Pastor Elio Marrocco on January 6, 2019 at New Life Christian Church