When God Became One of Us

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“In the beginning the Word already existed.
The Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
He existed in the beginning with God.” (John 1:1-2)

“So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.” (John 1:14)


If you were to write a biography on someone you would naturally begin your account of their life with their birth, for practically speaking, life for each of us begins at birth.

There is only one life in all of history of which that is not the case – that is the life of Jesus Christ.

For He, prior to being conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, was pre-existing eternally with the Father.

Here John gives us a summary of the life of Christ beginning with His pre-existence, and then coming to His entrance into the human family for the purpose of bestowing grace and making God known to man.

It is in this summary that the veil is drawn back and the true nature of Jesus Christ is made clear.


a. In the beginning

These words are a conscious reminiscence of the first words of the Bible.

Actually, “In the beginning” was the Hebrew name for what we call the Book of Genesis.

John is writing about a new beginning, a new creation, so he uses words that recall the first creation.

Like the first, the second is not carried out by some subordinate being, it is brought about by the Logos, the very Word of God who was already there in the beginning.

Obviously this is talking about the beginning of the Universe. At the beginning of time and space and matter etc…


b. Was the Word

A word is that by which one person expresses his thought to another, so that the other may be able to understand it.

A word spoken by one person to another is the revelation of something in the mind of the one that the other did not know, and could know only through that word.

A word is a revelation made, a thought communicated.

If our words are honest that is how we pass on to other people who we are.

So John says, in the beginning was the Word, this Logos, this communication, and then he says something very interesting:


c. The word was with God

John is making here a distinction.

The Word was toward God, the idea there is that the Word and God were in the closest possible connection, but there still was a distinction between them.

The word and God are not identical, but they are ONE.

Therefore Jesus the Word was in the closest possible connection with the Father!


And then John says,

d. And the Word was God

Now this is staff that goes beyond or past our ability to grasp, comprehend!

Nothing higher could be said. This is so profound, and yet our little finite mind cannot take hold of.

The Word was God, it is not talking about God the Father, but reference to God the Son.

This is a picture of the plurality within the God Nature, a picture of the Deity of Christ.

The doctrine of the Trinity has been continually attacked by various groups of people, undermined by non-Christian religions of the world.

Trinity = three persons, one God.

‘In the beginning God –ELOHIM – created the Heavens and the Earth…’

Elohim (is in the plural form) = GODS, but the Bible teaches that there is One God.

And so John confirms that there is a plurality within the Divine Nature.

The Father is God, The Son is God, The Holy Spirit is God.

All that may be said about God may fitly be said about the Word.

This statement should not be watered down.

Some newer translations read, the word was divine.

John is not merely saying that there is something divine about Jesus.

He is affirming that He is God.

Like so many other words we can use that word divine rather loosely.

‘Oh that cake was divine!’

‘That dress was divine!’

That is not was John was talking about! He is not just saying that the Word was supernatural, it had something of God, but that He is God!

“If that is a staggering affirmation to us there is no reason for thinking that it was any less so to the Jewish author of this Gospel. (John the author writing is a Jew.) To the Jews of the day Monotheism was more than a belief commonly held. It was a conviction to be clung to and defended with a fierce tenacity. (Jews would die for this belief.) The Jews knew with an unshakeable certainty that there was, there could be, only one God. When John says, “the Word was God”, this must be understood in light of Jewish pride in Monotheism.” (Leon Morris)

Of course John could no other as he writes under inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


e. The Word became Flesh

When we realize what John is saying:



God became a human being!

God became a person like us!

Some Jewish people at times have said that they cannot believe in Christianity because they cannot fathom/figure out how a man called Jesus becoming God!

They did not properly read Scripture!

It is not man who becomes God, but rather God who became man!

‘The eternal, unchanging, everywhere present, all knowing, all powerful, perfectly pure, absolutely loving God became a man. And that man was of course, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.’

This is why we worship Jesus!

He is God!

Now that truth is beyond us.

Remember we can experience God as Savior and Father, but we will never fully be able to comprehend God!

If I could then He would no longer be God!




a. Jesus is the foundation of our knowledge of God

What would we know of God had Jesus not come?

Not that much!

We would know that He is an awesome creator, and that He is a righteous judge.

Perhaps we would know that He had dealings with a small segment of humanity, The Nation of Israel, but that he broke communication with them 2500 years ago.

Apart from that we would know little to nothing else for certain.

What do we know since Jesus came?

We know that God is not only creator and judge, but he’s also redeemer.

We know he is merciful and full of grace for sinful man.

We know that he loves all people, not just a small segment of humanity.

We know that he loves all people because he demonstrated his love by sending his only unique son into the world; who demonstrated his love by laying down his life and rising again from the dead; proving that his sacrifice for sin was accepted by God.

We know that God is personal and that he longs to have a personal relationship with us.

Jesus is the foundation of our knowledge of God!


b. Jesus is the foundation of our knowledge of human kind

Without Jesus we could not answer the basic questions of life:

Why are we here?

What is our purpose for existing ?

He in his own life demonstrated what people were intended to be:  ‘A creature entirely dependent upon the creator, totally taken up with the will of God, living only for the glory of God.’

We were created to live according to God’s will, a God-centred life.


c. Jesus is the foundation of people’s relationship with God

Jesus taught us about the Fatherhood of God and then made a way for us to become the children of God.

Jesus brought this new idea, He spoke of God as His Father.

No Jew would say that.

They would only call themselves as children of God collectively, but never in a personal way.

But Jesus comes into the world to bring us into that personal relationship with the Father!

He came to empower us to become true children of God. So that we can now cry out not only Father, but ‘Abba Father’, which is ‘Daddy, ‘Daddy’.

Jesus said “I am the way to the Father.”

After the resurrection he said, ‘Go and tell my disciples that I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and to your God.’


d. Jesus is the foundation of all of our hopes

Where would we be today without Jesus!

What hope would we have in our world today without The Lord Jesus Christ!

They are talking about the possibility of Nuclear Holocaust, pestilences never seen before, virus that will wipe out millions of people, tsunamis, earthquakes.

And the experts in the field are saying not if they will take place, but when they will come!

Our Jesus is our anchor of HOPE:

– The hope of forgiveness

– The hope of deliverance from sin

– The hope of deliverance from judgment

– The hope of eternal life


e. Jesus is the guarantee of all our peace

Where can we find peace in this crazy world?

It is only in Jesus.

You cannot find it in Transcendental Meditation, you cannot find it on the Psychiatrist couch, you cannot find it in Prozac, money, pleasure etc…

There is no peace for the wicked says the Lord! As long as one is in rebellion against God, there will never be peace.

People can fake!

Jesus is the guarantee of all of our peace.

Having been justified by faith in Jesus we have peace with God, resulting in peace within.

We cannot have true peace as long as we are at war with God.

When we experience peace with God that we will have the peace of God which surpasses all understanding.


f. Jesus is the pledge of all our blessedness

Jesus is the promise of the Father.

Every spiritual blessing is ours in Christ.

Jesus Christ is the heir of all things and we are joint heirs with him.
All of this is ours because “the Word became Flesh” and dwelt among us.

Full of Grace and Truth!

Have you received His grace?

Are you walking in His truth?