Words Series – Incredible Facts About the Tongue

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Words Series Graphics_Projector Title Week 4


“Incredible Facts About The Tongue”


James 3:1-2 tells us if we can get our tongue under control, there are no habits or any other thing in our lives that will overtake us. Here are 4 facts about the tongue from James 3.

1. IT is disproportionately powerful

Read James 3:3-5.

The amazing fact is that the tongue is disproportionately powerful. In other words – it is very small, but its effects are very large. James uses three similes, to describe the effects of the tongue. The first example is the bit in a horse’s mouth.

The bit is a very small piece of metal, but it controls the strength and direction of a very large animal. Just like the bit, our tongue can control our strength and our direction. We can discover all our strength and gifting, but if we do not bridle or control our tongue, it will not help us. We will not be able to direct our strength in the right way. Without the bit we cannot control, guide, and direct a horse. Unless we learn to control our tongue, we will not achieve our full potential in God!

James 1:26 tells us that being religious without controlling the tongue is useless. If we do not learn to control our tongue, any of our service to God is useless.

The next metaphor James uses is the rudder of a ship. Any captain will tell you that in a storm that small rudder is paramount to turn the ship in the right direction or the ship will overturn. Do you realize that many people’s lives turn in a mess because their tongue is not leading them in the right direction during a storm? But the rudder is good and important in any weather. So even in good weather, in good times if your tongue is not working properly you will shipwreck!

Then thirdly, James uses the analogy of a spark. A little spark can start a huge forest fire. James is saying, although the tongue is a little member of the body, it controls the whole body.

2. The tongue is innately evil

The default setting on the tongue is to destroy. Until we change the default setting, we will be doing more damage than good. (Jam. 3:6 & 8).

We did not have to teach our children to use their tongues in the wrong way, it came naturally.

3. The tongue is humanly untameable

Read James 3:7-8. No person can tame the tongue. The tongue is humanly untameable but divinely tameable. The one who made it can tame it.

4. The tongue is contrastingly productive

It can produce opposites at the same time.

Read James 3:9-12 (MSG). Nature cannot do what the tongue can do. A fig tree cannot bear olives. A spring does not produce good and bad water at the same time. But the tongue can bless and curse. The tongue is contrastingly productive. James is saying, don’t bless God and curse people who have been made in the image of God – it cannot be!

The tongue can cause a lot of damage, but it can also do a lot of good. The tongue can curse, but it can also bless people, your marriage, your children, and your job. The tongue can destroy, but it can produce good fruits. Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

Let’s use our mouths to speak life and not death. God wants us to use our mouths to bless and not to curse, to build and not destroy.


Words Series Graphics_Projector Title Week 4

This sermon was preached by Pastor Elio Marrocco on March 31, 2019 at New Life Christian Church