Structural Leadership

Senior Pastors, Elio & Micki Marrocco

Senior Leadership and are responsible to make the day in, day out ministry decisions.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of nine members of the congregation. They oversee the finances and the operations of the church and they provide counsel to the Senior Leadership regarding the major financial commitments of the church.

The Board of Directors serve as Non-Paid Staff.

Steve Ezeude

Rita Obaji

Sandra Buzzelli

Maurizio Gatto

Claude Laramee

Jason Laramee

Clemente Leale

Lillian Larbi

Anna Bonofiglio

Strengthened by a Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is made up of a group of respected and trusted members who love New Life Church and serve weekly.

Christy Filice

Claude Laramee

Jason Laramee

Marina Gatto

Carol Larbi

Emmanuel Larbi

Clemente Leale

Andrae Marrocco

Tahnee Marrocco

Henry Obanor

Tricia Obanor

Jeremy Rowe

Fabiana Scolieri

Kamaldai Totaram

William Totaram