This Is Jesus_ Calms My Fears

This Is Jesus Series: Part 4 – Calms My Fears

This Is Jesus Series – Part 4 “Calms My Fears”     Storms of different kinds come into our lives suddenly, leaving us to feel we’re not in control. Marriage storms, career storms, financial storms, even health storms. We must continually remind ourselves that Jesus is with us in the middle of our storm. He desires…

Copy of From Pastor's Thoughts - Dec 5

From Pastor’s Thoughts: Lessons from a Faithful Steward

Lessons from a Faithful Steward Date: December 12th, 2018 Read: Genesis 24 In Genesis 24 we meet Abraham’s trusted and faithful steward, Eliezer. As we look at Eliezer’s attitude towards Abraham in this story, we will relate them to our attitude towards Christ as steward over His possessions. (1) Eliezer was available when his master needed him….

From Pastor's Thoughts - Dec 5

From Pastor’s Thoughts: Principles of Stewardship

Principles of Stewardship Date: December 5th, 2018 Read: Matthew 25:14-30 Today we’ll look at four principles to apply in our stewardship for the Lord. (1) God owns everything (Ps. 24:1). In our world today we use ownership language that replaces God with ourselves: ‘my car,’ ‘my job,’ ‘my money,’ ‘my time,’ ‘my family.’ We would be right in…

From Pastor's Thoughts - Nov 28

From Pastor’s Thoughts: Don’t Quit Too Soon

Don’t Quit Too Soon Date: November 14th, 2018 Read: Matthew 13:20-21 The Bible promises a blessing for those who endure testing and persecution to the end (James 1:12). Sometimes in challenges we find it much easier to quit than endure and wait patiently for God to act. Endurance is a powerful arsenal, it sustains courage, gives staying…

This Is Jesus_ Understands My Temptations

This Is Jesus Series: Part 3 – Understands My Temptations

You can watch the message here You can listen to the audio from this message here This Is Jesus Series – Part 3 “Understands My Temptations”     The goal of this series is to come face-to-face with the real Jesus. Who do you say that I am? Firstly, let’s deal with the misconception that because Jesus is God,…

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