Journey To Wholeness

J2W Groups run over the course of 12 weeks. You'll have the opportunity to be immersed & experience the full rewiring process of journey at a proven pace. Each week addresses a new topic and is led by an experienced facilitator. You'll be able to share your story in a safe and helpful environment as you learn more about yourself and heal the past.

"Each 1.5- 2 hours session breaks down to $30 a week!? It's so low compared to a 2 hour counseling session which would be $150 an hour!"


The Counseling Ministry at NLCC offers a Biblically-based approach to healing and restoration through the inspired and inerrant Word of God.

We understand that there are times in life when one needs a helping hand. We believe it is our responsibility and privilege to provide Christ-centered counsel to Christians and those within our community who are struggling with problems.

Our goal is to help people deal with personal and interpersonal problems. In our counseling we aim to facilitate healing from anxiety, burnout, depression, conflict, marriage breakdown, parenting difficulties, stress and similar issues.

What to Expect

The Counseling session is a place where you will discover that you can be heard, understood, and accepted just the way you are.
Counseling services are administered in a caring manner to those who are hurting or who are in the process of healing so that they can work through the issues in their lives.

Help is available for those who are ready to resolve their issues.